Black Tea

The authentic Black Teas from Ceylon, choose from a diverse range of Pure to natural flavoured teas.

White Tea

The most luxurious teas in the world, bringing you the authentic Ceylon White tea experience.

Organic Tea

Organic teas touched by nothing but Ceylon’s untainted nature

Green Tea

A range of authentic and pure Green Teas

About Us

We have been involved in the cultivation and production of Ceylon tea for many years and are a family that knows tea well and are passionate about delivering you the finest teas at the premium of Ceylon tea. We are a pioneer in the Ceylon tea industry and inherited the farm from the British in 1931.
It is a farm with a long history of more than 100 years. We are one of the few vertically integrated companies in the industry that grows, hand-picks, manufactures and processes everything into our own brands. Our dedicated team is in strict control of the road from the farm to your teacup to deliver the best drink to you.

Gold Caddy

Contains loose leaf teas for the ultimate tea experience in our premium gold tin.

Black Hexgon

Contains teas in triangular tea bags for your convenience in our premium black tins.

Ziplock Pack

Teas of your preference in any quantity available in Ziplock packs.

Daily Convenience

Tea bags of your favourite teas packed for your daily convenience

Mini Tins

Miniature Tins for the adventurers looking to explore multiple experiences in tea.

Tea Gifts

AZ Tea Gifts to suit any occasion. Provided in multiple selections for all your celebratory needs.

A First for Japan

A Wide range of Customizable Gifts

Customize Your Gift Box

Create personalized gifts online just like you would in-store!

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150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea - Tea Party 2017 at Imperial Hotel Tokyo

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